Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Understanding The Times: Cosmic Humanism, Parts 1 and 2

In this third DVD we learned about Cosmic Humanism, more commonly known as the New Age Movement.  In the first two DVDs we learned about Secular Humanism and Marxist-Leninism, which are based on Atheism and Naturalism, which say there is no God, and that nothing but the natural world exists.

To understand the Cosmic Humanist's complicated beliefs in this brief review, consider the following:  Let's say that the ocean is God. It has always been. Now reach in and grab a cup full of water. In that instant, the cup becomes individual, but it has always been, has it not? This is the case with your soul. There was an instant when you became a cup of energy, but it was of an immortal original Being.  You have always been because what it is that you are is God, or Divine Intelligence, but God takes individual forms.  And as that little form grows in power, in selfhood, in its own consciousness of self, it becomes larger and more Godlike. Then it becomes God.

Cosmic Humanism's roots come from the Hindu and Buddhist religions, and are wide spread and accepted in our culture today.  Most modern movies are filled with its message.  Yoga classes are offered everywhere and are considered exercise rather than meditation practices.  A new and growing practice in some churches today is "Christian Meditation".  Very different from prayer to God and meditating on His Word, it is the act of repeating new age chants but replacing them with Christian words.  Cosmic Humanism is based on Pantheism and Non-Naturalism, which say God is everything and everything is God, and so everything is in essence, spiritual.  Cosmic Humanism is based in mysticism and a common vision of a coming "New Age" of peace and mass enlightenment. 

For the Cosmic Humanist, good and evil cannot be clearly distinguished, and can only be defined on an individual basis.  He concentrates inward, to god who is himself, but never holds others accountable to his system. Nothing is morally wrong, except judging other people's beliefs of moral right and wrong.  His karma, or effects of his actions, determines what will become of him in a future reincarnated life.

Cosmic Humanism is a wicked deception, used by Satan to confuse many a people.  I have watched a family member tossed to and fro by its empty promises and well-disguised confusion.  It attracts followers with its good feelings of enlightenment, but it is an unending search for meaning and happiness, and one that never delivers.

The last DVD in the series we will watch soon is Biblical Christianity.  Ahhh... the truth.  Can't wait.

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