Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Days!

Suzette's smile is even brighter these days, now that Tim is home from 3 months of traveling with GloryBound.  He brought her flowers, and a happy reunion it was!  Since then they've been busy going and doing things Tim has planned for their two-week break.

They'll be heading back to college in a little over a week, and so once again I will be sad, and yet happy.  My pastor calls it "splendid misery".  If I could be selfish, I'd keep them here forever.  But I truly want them where the Lord places them, and for now that is far from home, in Oklahoma City.  Interesting how I never had the slightest interest in Oklahoma before.  Now it's a favorite place. :)

Have a wonderful time together these two weeks, Tim & Suzette!

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