Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Understanding The Times: Marxist-Leninism Part 2

Our family had a very busy July, and so we weren't able to focus on sitting down together to continue the Understanding the Times DVD series we started back in May.  It is a worldview study that we are all committed to completing by the time Suzette heads back to college, and so now we're focusing on making the time for it.  Monday evening we sat down to watch the second half of the Marxist-Leninism DVD.  To read my review of part 1 of this DVD click here.

Marx believed the economic clash behind the poor working class (generally those without property) and the class of wealthy property owners would eventually lead to the end of Capitalism and a revolution of Socialism, which would ultimately evolve into a blissful Communism.  He also believed that in order for this process to take place, those who held to Capitalism or to beliefs contrary to his scheme had to be eliminated.  And they were.  He thought it was morally right to do this, because ultimately it would lead to peace among all men.

Ideas have consequences.  Christian or non-Christian, why is it that people have not learned from the past, from the last century of terrors and mass murders, and how wrong the ideas and philosophies are that led to them?  But that same philosophy -- Marxism --  is alive and well today, IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  It may not look exactly the same as it did in Marx's day, but the belief structure is rapidly building and growing, through the liberal left who are teaching in our colleges and universities, and through our current government leaders.

I think I speak for our family when I say this was a deeply troubling program.  Yet I cannot find the words to express the importance of this DVD's message.  It was eye-opening, educational, heart-wrenching, and sad.  I had tears in my eyes at the end.  It helped us see the current state of our nation and world, and has helped prepare us for battle in the war of ideas taking place today.  Our children need to be equipped and ready, and it is our responsibility as parents to prepare them.

I promised the girls the next two DVDs will not be so intense (Carl and I have previewed them), to which they expressed their relief!  However it has helped us all tremendously, and we HIGHLY recommend it.

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  1. This section of Understanding the Times was really disturbing, in the fullest sense of the word. It unveiled socialistic philosophies we've accepted into our culture that you might not even be aware of... like the gradual blurring of the "social classes" by glorifying the three most "abused" classes: blacks, women and homosexuals. Prepare to be shocked and amazed when you see this video!


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