Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Almost Done

I can't believe we're almost done with homeschooling.  Still have some subjects to complete, but I'm beginning to have mixed feelings... sad that it will be over, yet excited about things to come.  My girls are grown (22 and 18), and it's becoming a new season of life for our family.  Did I homeschool perfectly?  No, definitely not.  Just ask my girls!  Are there gaps in their education?  Yes.  But did they learn HOW to learn?  Yes, I think they did.  Can they read and write and reason well?  Yes.  Do they function well around all ages and all kinds of people?  I think they do.  Do they approach all of life from a Biblical wordview?  Yes.

We did what God called us to do... keep our girls out of public school, teach them at home, and raise them in a strong church.  What I did not cover or accomplish with my girls while I taught them at home, God will certainly cover and accomplish... in His time.

They will one day understand the sacrifices made for them, and the time invested in them.  Although I haven't been perfect, I serve a God who is.  I praise the Lord today, for choosing someone like me, to educate our girls at home.  Through homeschooling, He has done a work in us all.  It has been one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding experiences of my life.  I wouldn't trade it for anything!


  1. Congratulations! I can't imagine how exciting it must be to see your daughters entering this new stage of life and being able to look back over what's been accomplished through their schooling.

    Thanks for inspiring others like me to continue seeking the Lord as we seek to rear our children for Him.

  2. What a blessing to read this testimony. It's so encouraging to me as I am only in my 3rd official year with at least 15 more to go!

  3. Thank you, Ladies, and I'm sorry I didn't post your comments until now! I've been away from the computer for a while.

    I do believe the Lord called us to homeschool our girls, even though I didn't realize it was His call when we first started! At that time in my young life, all I wanted was to keep my little girl at home. God knew exactly what we needed... He took our family and did a work in us over those 17 homeschooling years. And as hard as it has been at times, He has been very faithful to see us through. He will see you through as well!


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