Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Health Journey: January

It's been a few weeks since I made changes in my diet, and I am happy with the first results.  After drinking green smoothies almost every day, I have seen a marked improvement in my energy level.  I've lost 7 pounds.  I also feel more "stable", if that makes sense.  When I run errands, or grocery shop, I find that I can keep going on just a banana until I get back home, where I used to bottom out and get very weak, even after eating breakfast!  Many times I'd need to stop for a fast food snack or buy a candy bar and soda to get my blood sugar level back up.  My hunger is more satisfied when I eat a high raw diet including plenty of greens.  I simply don't get as hungry as often.  It's as if my body is saying, "Ahh... thank you for not feeding me junk!"  I am beginning to feel more of a general sense of wellness, and I am excited about that. 

I recently purchased a new dehydrator and have started learning how to make raw food snacks.  I've had a few things turn out pretty bad, and they've become dog treats for Grace (hey, she likes them, and they're healthy!) but I've also found a couple of things we really do like!  I made a modified version of these brown rice crackers, and some cheesy kale chips. (Okay, the kale chips might sound nasty, but they're yummy... Carl really loves them!)  I'm looking forward to coming up with many more good raw snacks for our family.

Now, have we stopped eating tortilla chips and other baked snacks?  No, and we won't.  I just want to lean toward a high raw diet, where I know there is superior nutrition and better health for us all.

Praise God for the health and healing only He can bring to our bodies.  May we all continue to learn to do our part! :)


  1. This is such an encouragement to me! I am trying slowly but surely to switch lots of our foods over to "healthy". That didn't stop us from visiting a specialty cupcake shop yesterday though...yummy! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. Hi mom! What is that white stuff on top of the crackers? I miss eating real food... the cafeteria doesn't even hold a candle to your stuff! =)

  3. Hi Tara!
    I don't blame you for stopping for a cupcake... what's life without a sweet treat sometimes!? :)

  4. Hi Suzette!
    The white stuff is actually almond cheese. Looks yummy, doesn't it? I miss you!!!
    Love, Mom


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