Friday, January 28, 2011

We Shall Behold Him

Whitney is working on another piano piece, and I bet you can guess who arranged it!  Yep, Anthony Burger!  She may enter and play it at the upcoming Lion's Club competition in March... she's not sure if she'll be ready in time... it's a pretty complicated piece.  She's getting there though, and I believe she can do it!  It's a masterpiece.  This is one of my dad's favorite songs, and as we all sat and listened to it together yesterday when we visited him, at the end of the song he said, "That's about as good as it gets!"  I agree, Dad!

We Shall Behold Him by Anthony Burger on Grooveshark

Note: This song contains a full orchestra with drums, and background singers.  We don't have a problem with light drums within an orchestra, but if you do, then you may not want to listen to it. :)

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