Saturday, July 17, 2010

My "New" Front Doors

My wonderful hubby can fix almost anything.  When we can afford it and he has time, he loves to do projects to improve our 41 year old house.  I recently told him I would like the front doors to be a bisque color rather than blue like the shutters.  Since painting is one of the least expensive home improvements we can accomplish right now, he went by Lowes, brought home some paint color booklets, and we picked the color that best matched the trim on the house.  The brass kick plates on the doors looked so dull and dirty, as did the knockers and door knobs, so as part of the project he cleaned them up, and now they look beautiful!  Carl always does the job right.  Look at what he did!

The faded blue doors

Painting the primer


The new bisque color!

The brass before & after

Kick plates and other hardware back on, and...

The finished doors!  He did a great job, don't you think?  :)

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  1. Those 1/2 hour fix-it shows make everything look so easy. This was a whole-day (and a half), project! Let me recap...

    After all the hardware was removed, the doors got a good sanding, so the primer would have something to stick to.

    The primer went on as three coats, because the darker blue paint had a lot of "show through". Those three coats saved me from having to put on no more than just two coats of the lighter bisque! Besides, I only bought a quart of the bisque.

    The brass cleaned up very nicely with a simple solution of vinegar and salt. Yep, you heard right! Vinegar and salt. A thorough cleaning with an old wash cloth and toothbrush made easy work for years of tarnish and grime. I'd suggest not using the toothbrush afterward.

    The brass was finished off with a quick spray of clear poly-varnish and after drying, mounted back onto the doors.

    A day and a half later... "New" doors!

    Next project!? Now where's my Honey Do list?


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