Thursday, July 15, 2010

60 Days to Reclaim Your Health

Hallelujah Acres teaches the Genesis 1:29 diet, and I am excited about a new program they have recently introduced.  The 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health program is a culmination of their best seminars, classes, and publications, all for free and delivered to your email box every day.  Whether you need a radical change in your diet and health, or just want to learn a few health tips, you will gain an incredible amount of information from this free program.  I have been following Hallelujah Acres for many years, and believe what they teach is true and it works.  There are too many testimonies to deny that.  Unfortunately, I personally have a difficult time committing to a truly healthy lifestyle.  It is a simple program, but not always an easy one.  I am really enjoying the videos in this program, and hope to incorporate much of what I learn into my daily life.  If you are struggling with health problems, weight problems, or are simply sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, check it out.  It may be just what you've been looking for!

60 Days to Reclaim Your Health Website
Hallelujah Acres Website
Hallelujah Testimonies

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