Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This past Sunday, the traveling mixed ensemble Witness!, from Heartland Baptist Bible College, sang and shared testimonies at our church.  Our family was fortunate to be able to open our home and have the girls from the group stay with us from Friday evening through Sunday morning.  The preparation and work that went into it was very hard, but worth it.  The girls and Suzette camped out in our living room, with air mattresses, pillows and bedding everywhere!  They kept busy with activities, but also had some time to relax, which I think they appreciated.  Meal times were special, because it was when we all talked and shared.  It was also a blessing to get up early in the morning and find girls here and there, sitting in a quiet area or on the floor by the sunlit french doors, reading their Bibles.

I've listened to the new CD by Witness many times... I've heard each girl's voice and seen each girl's face on the inside cover picture.  But now when I listen to the songs, I know a little bit of the life behind the voice that is singing about her Lord.  It's a precious thing, and is surprisingly what means the most to me from the whole experience.

Only One Way by Witness on Grooveshark

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