Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have tried a lot of organizers over the years.  I've made simple lists, used a Franklin Day Planner, and utilized computer software.  None of them suit me perfectly, but probably because I'm just not a naturally organized person.  I'm a "S.H.E.", which stands for "Sidetracked Home Executive".  If you too struggle with organization and haven't read the book Sidetracked Home Executives, by Pam Young and Peggy Jones, you should read it just for the laughs and encouragement.  If you think you're unorganized, you probably aren't compared to where these two sisters started out!  I also have a dejunking video by Pam and Peggy that is very helpful, and loaded with humor.
My latest way of keeping track of our busy schedule is using a combination of my Franklin Day Planner and a free computer program called Rainlendar.  I looked at Rainlendar years ago and because at first sight it didn't impress me, I quickly set it aside.  A few days ago when searching for something automated that I could use alongside my paper and pen method, I ran across Rainlendar again and decided to look at it more in depth.  What I really like is that it runs on my desktop, so my calendar, events and todo's are always in view and only a click away.  I also like that it's semi-transparent, so it sits on top of whatever photo background I use on my computer's desktop.  (The picture above is a screenshot of my desktop with the waterfall photo as my background and Rainlendar on top.)  And it's not overly complicated like many calendar/planner programs are, which keep track of too much information.  I just need a visual of my schedule and tasks, and because I love computer programs that look and feel stylish, Rainlendar caught my eye.  It took a little time for me to tweak it to my liking (if you want to know how I did it, ask and I'll be glad to help you!), but I am now happily planning our summer schedule!  Now if I will just DO what I PLAN, these tools I'm using just might work! :)

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