Friday, June 11, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Whitney played piano for the preschool graduation ceremony at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church today.  There were around 40 children participating, and many proud parents, relatives, and friends attending the ceremony.  I've never seen so many camera flashes going all at once!  Whitney said she had to look away from the crowd so she wouldn't be blinded by it.  :)
The children marched in single file to Pomp and Circumstance, wearing paper and styrofoam caps with tassels.  They listened to a short message about good behavior and character, sang two songs, and then received their preschool "diplomas".  In closing, they marched out single file, again to Pomp and Circumstance.  It was so cute.  Whitney enjoyed the experience of working with the ladies, the children, and of course being able to play the piano for the ceremony!

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