Monday, May 31, 2010

No Unknown Soldiers

This afternoon, my daughter Whitney wrote the following:

"Today we went to the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond to hear my grandpa play in a band.  It was an incredible experience.  I wish everyone could see and hear the band play and the veterans give heart-touching speeches of what Memorial Day is truly about.  There's more to it than cook-outs and family... It's about remembering and feeling what the soldiers who fought for our country went through as they faced terror by night, and "flying arrows" by day (Ps.91:5).  The band played in the middle of the Confederate cemetery, where there are 18,000 brave Confederate soldiers buried.  While we were there, I came across a small tombstone that was labeled, "unknown".  As Mom and I walked across the field, I saw more "unknown" soldiers.  My mind couldn't help but think about that soldier, who for a proud cause fought and died in battle, only to be buried without anyone knowing who he was.  But what raced through my mind even more, was that, in the Lord's army, there are no unknown soldiers.  God knows us all by name." 


There are no unknown soldiers
God knows them all by name
His army cannot march beyond His care

Their blood type has established
Their royal identities
And when the roll is called up yonder
Every soldier will be there

The final battle's ended
The noise of conflict's still
The ravaged fields lie baking in the sun

For a mighty trumpet sounded
The troops were all called home
There was not a soldier missing
When this great war was done

There are no unknown soldiers
In the army of the Lord
No wounded left to die along the way
No missing in the action
Commissioned by our King
Every soldier's coming home at last to stay

The above photos I took today at Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA.  Lyrics are by Gloria Gaither.

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