Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Walks

So it's 7:45pm and the evening is winding down.  We had talked of taking a family walk, but then started to hear thunder, so in both disappointment and relief, we all began to relax.  The thunder didn't last but a few minutes, so it seemed whatever storm there was, it quickly passed us by.  Then Suzette motivatingly says, "Well, are we going for our walk?"  Even though I was getting tired, I mustered up some enthusiasm and replied, "Sure!"  It didn't take much to coax Carl, Whitney, and Grace (our Border Collie) to come along too.  Since I'm always looking for a Kodak moment, I grabbed my camera and we headed out the door.  It was humid and sticky, but I think because we were so busy snapping pictures and having fun, we forgot all about it!  We talked and laughed and really enjoyed ourselves.  On our trek back home, we were shocked to meet up with a live baby copperhead in the road!  Thankfully, Carl found a good-sized branch that had fallen out of an oak tree and killed it.  Our hero!  Guess I could have taken some pictures of all the action, but it was kinda' scary at the time, and so I didn't think of it!  Overall we had a great time, and we look forward to walking together again soon.

Grab your family members and go for a walk tonight!  It's good for the body and soul... and family.  :)

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