Friday, November 4, 2011

Wedding Planning: Stop-Motion Animation Love Story Video

Suzette's at college in Oklahoma, I'm at home here in Virginia, and we're trying to work together on planning a wedding.  It's not easy to do, but because of modern technology... cell phones, email, sharing web links, etc., we can communicate back and forth and move forward in the planning process!  Wedding planning is a daunting experience, especially when the budget demands we do almost everything ourselves!  But I love planning.  I'm a pretty good planner, I'm just not always good at actually executing my plan.

The wedding date is July 14, 2012 and if you haven't been to yet, you need to go!  And please sign their guestbook so they'll know you were there!  Suzette tries to post something to the blog weekly.

Right now Whitney and I are working on finishing up a stop-motion animation love story video for Tim and Suzette.  It's something we wanted to do for them that we thought would be fun.  If you're not familiar with stop-motion video, it is when you use clay or paper or some sort of object, and move or manipulate it in tiny motions, stopping to take a picture of it after each motion.  Then you put all of the pictures together to make a video.  It's not particularly difficult, but it does take a lot of time and quite a lot of patience!

Here are a few pics from the process:

Here's Whitney at work.  She's the animator and I'm the big shot director :)
This is from the rollercoaster scene.  So cute!
The hearts float up and away at this part... it's adorable.

As of today we have 2089 pictures we've taken to make the video.  Sound like a lot?  Well, I guess it is!  We are working on the last scene now and hope to finish this weekend.  We will be posting the video on so check there next week!

Now... back to work!

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