Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday Morning Smoothie

It was challenging Sunday morning, trying to fix green smoothies as well as prepare Sunday lunch, but was worth it when I walked in the family room and found Whitney reading a Hallelujah Acres health magazine article, and slurping up the last drop of her green smoothie!

I have a Blendtec blender Blendtec TB-621-20 1,560-Watt Total Blender, Black, which makes perfectly smooth smoothies.  It is an amazing machine, and worth the investment.  I throw in the blender about 2 cups of water with a splash of OJ, then add a BIG handful of spinach and a kale leaf.  That pretty much fills the blender at this point!  I blend that down, then add an apple and frozen fruit: a banana, blueberries, and mixed fruit from Sam's (pineapple, peaches, mango and strawberries).  It makes a beautiful, purple (greens hidden in there) smoothie!

Now, if we can be consistent and drink these every day, I know we'll feel the benefits soon :)


  1. It's really not as bad as y'all think, I promise. I seriously can't even taste the greens behind all the fruit. Even the color is fine! It's SO good for you -- even better than a plain ol' fruit smoothie because you're basically eating a full-fledged salad! Y'all should totally try it. =)

  2. I've been reading about these alot lately and really want to try one so thanks for sharing your recipe!

  3. When first trying a green smoothie, it's good to start with just a small handful of spinach, working your way up to more and varied greens over time. So you or your children won't notice ANY greens taste at first, start out small, so it will taste only like fruit, then add more greens gradually.


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