Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snacking While Running Errands

While shopping at Ross the other day, I found and purchased a pretty insulated chiller bag.  I've been wanting to start carrying with me healthy snacks as I run errands, so I won't stop and eat fast food.  I've been carrying with me Larabars, clementines, bananas, pistachios, yogurt-covered raisins, leftover salads, and my fresh juice & smoothies in Ball jars.  So far, it has worked!  As I move forward on my journey to better health, I hope to come up with even more mobile snack ideas.

Do you have a favorite snack to carry along when you're on the run?  Please share your ideas!


  1. I'm on a clementine "kick" at the moment; those are definitely a favorite snack. I'll try to take along some wheat crackers, nuts or a granola mix. My main thing to remember if I'm going to be out shopping and running errands is a bottle of water! I drink lots of water and don't want to have to buy a bottle while I'm out!

  2. I usually try to bring at least a granola bar and water! This past Wed night I took a green smoothie with me for after church. We live almost an hour from church so we tend to stop and eat bad!! So to save money and health I usually pack pb&j sandwiches for all of us and a smoothie for me!

  3. Thanks for the input and ideas, ladies! Granola mix or bars would be a great addition.


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