Saturday, August 28, 2010

Raising Maidens of Virtue

Whitney and I just finished reading a book we started last school year, Raising Maidens of Virtue, by Stacy McDonald.  It is a study for mothers and daughters which covers topics such as guarding the tongue, idleness, sibling relationships, honoring parents, contentment, modesty, purity, cleanliness, and feminine biblical beauty.

We loved this study, and each day would read a portion, looking up and reading Bible references, discussing what we read, and together answering questions.  There were times when I would read aloud and couldn't continue because of the beautiful truths we were hearing together.  Oh, how my heart would flood with desire that my dear daughter sitting beside me would grasp those truths and never let them go!

Godly women are not born, but raised.  I have failed as a mother in many ways over the years, and my daughters surely know it well, but God knows my heart is to raise these two precious girls for His glory, and I will not quit because I am not perfect.  My God is perfect, and so because He is able, I will keep pressing on to instill in them the biblical truths my Lord has so graciously shown me.

Moms, please take advantage of the years you have with your daughters, when they are home and able to sit by your side and learn from you.  It is something you will look back on with spiritual contentment, and it will create a joining of hearts between you and your daughters that will always remain, even when they are grown and gone.

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