Monday, May 10, 2010

My Favorite Granola

I have two favorites, but this is #1.  It's raw, which means the living enzymes in the food are not destroyed by cooking at higher temperatures, and it is therefore better for you!  To prepare the granola raw, a dehydrator is required. (Got mine at Wal-Mart.  If you get one, make sure it has a thermostat.)  It's mostly nuts, and contains no oats, so when I eat it, I prepare a big bowl of fresh blueberries and banana slices, with the granola sprinkled on!  I then top it with a good quality yogurt or homemade almond milk.  OH YUM.  (Adapted from Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney)

1 1/2 cups raw almonds, soaked 6-8 hours
1 1/2 cups raw pecans, soaked 6-8 hours
1 1/2 cups raw walnuts, soaked 6-8 hours
(I combine the nuts in a large bowl and soak them overnight.)

1 cup raw pumpkin seeds (dry - do not soak)
3/4 cup maple syrup
1 large apple, peeled, cored, and chopped
1 T. vanilla extract
1 level T. cinnamon
1 level t. sea salt
1 T. orange zest
1 T. lemon zest
2 T. fresh orange juice
dried cranberries (optional)

Chop raw pumpkin seeds in food processor and set aside in small bowl.  In food processor place the syrup, apple, vanilla, cinnamon, salt, orange and lemon zest, and orange juice.  Process until chunky but not completely pureed.  Pour into a large bowl.  In about 3 batches, grind rinsed & drained nuts in food processor until chunky.  Add to bowl. (It gets messy!)  Stir in pumpkin seeds and optional dried cranberries.  Spread onto dehydrator trays lined with Teflex sheets or wax paper.  Dehydrate at 115 degrees (no higher) for 36-48 hours or until crunchy.  Yields about 2 quarts.

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