Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fort Clifton Festival

Yesterday, Carl and Whitney attended the Fort Clifton Festival in Colonial Heights.  Anything Civil War -- my girls want to be there!  They are very proud of their heritage, and are fascinated by the Civil War.  Suzette was sorry she wasn't yet home from college to be able to go.  I pulled a muscle in my leg, and so unfortunately I wasn't able to go either.  The festival is meant to portray the historic significance of the fort and its importance in the Civil War.  Relic exhibits are on display, along with re-enactors and demonstrations.  Arts and crafts persons are there selling hand made items.  The weather was perfect.  Carl and Whitney very much enjoyed their father-daughter time together!

Re-enactors at their camp

A view of some vendors

Whitney shopping at the Sons of Confederate Veterans table

Henry Kidd, Virginia artist.  This print is hanging in my father's den.  We bought it from Mr. Kidd for my mother and father years ago.  It's framed exactly like this one, but the one he's holding is his original painting!

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