Sunday, February 13, 2011

Radical Thinking

While on my journey to better health, I have spent a lot of time on the internet, looking for good resources from which I can learn and enjoy.  Unfortunately, they've been hard to find!  I am surprised and disappointed at the terrible profanity and foolish philosophies being taught alongside health and healing.  It's crazy!  It has caused me to consider creating my own website "portal"-- a place where Christians can go to find links and information that is clean, balanced, and truthful. (If I can eventually find any!)  There is a huge lack of diet & health teaching from a Biblical worldview.  I don't understand why more Christians haven't grasped what is GOD'S truth regarding diet & lifestyle... why the humanists have taken it, added their own godless philosophies, and are spreading their teaching everywhere.  The diet information may be right, but the humanist philosophies attached to it are lies.

I know I am only here on Earth for a short time, that I am not Home yet, and that my body is only temporary.  I know that I will one day die and leave this fallen world and aging body behind.  Spiritual health is certainly most important.  However, I believe God has plenty to say in the Bible about physical health, and that we should strive for good health while we are here.  As conservative Christians, we believe differently, act differently, dress differently, talk differently, think differently, socialize differently, study differently, etc.  Why don't we eat differently?  This is a question that has been on my mind for years.  We don't smoke or drink alcohol or take drugs, which harm us physically.  Then why do we eat unhealthy foods day after day, and year after year, which bring on obesity, physical problems, and disease?  I suppose we just don't know any better.  Or it's too hard.  I feel that way sometimes.  It makes sense to me though that we try to live right regarding every area of our lives... even in the way we eat.  Maybe I'm being too radical... but maybe not.

I think instead of reading so much of what the internet says about diet and health, I should do a Bible study to see what God has to say.  Now there's a great idea! :)


  1. I think this is a great post, Ms. Suzanne. My sister wrote a small post on food so I thought I would share it with you.

  2. I just read your sister's post, and I loved it. It's very encouraging to me that I am not alone in my thinking! So glad she listed Bible references... I am going to study them this morning.

    Thank you, Tara! :)


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