Monday, October 25, 2010

Hillbilly Hayride

Every year in October, Heartland Baptist Bible College hosts a hayride for the students.  Two years ago it was a medieval theme, and last year an international theme.  This year it was a Hillbilly Hayride.  So on Saturday, Tim & Suzette decided to join in the fun and dress up as hillbillies. (Yes, Tim has on a wig under that hat!)  They played crazy games like "Steal the Bacon", they bobbed for apples, raced wheelbarrows, threw hatchets, and competed in a pig calling contest!  There was also preaching and singing, which they always say is the best.  They had a great time, and enjoyed the needed break from classes.  We love getting a glimpse of their lives there in Oklahoma, and wish we could be there with them!  We're looking forward to December, when they will be HOME :)


  1. It looks like they are having a good time out there, thats good. We've been praying for them and are glad they'll be home in December, but why so long?

  2. Hi Joseph! There are only 2 weeks between their Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, so they only come home for Christmas. Thank you very much for your prayers! :)


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