Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beans & Cornbread

We've been working in the mornings to get our square foot garden prepped and planted, and so today I thought ahead about lunch and started a pot of pinto beans.  My good friend Darlene taught me how to make them perfect.  She adds a blend of whole grain rice, which makes them so good!  Ok, so a pot of hot beans and rice is probably more of a warming winter food, and who needs that after sweating in the garden, but it's delicious and economical and healthy!  It's also something I knew I could start and leave to cook while I was outside working.  Once I came in and wiped the sweat from my brow (sorry if I'm getting dramatic), I got busy making the cornbread.  I am blessed to have a grain mill, and so I am able to grind my own fresh flour.  Today I made it with white corn, spelt, and rye.  I'd say the empty bowls and leftover crumbs were a sign that everyone enjoyed their lunch :)

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