Friday, February 12, 2010

Other Finds

With the snow keeping us in, I've taken advantage of the computer time and searched for good free software for my computer.  I'll just list them here, in case anyone is looking for something such as these!  I downloaded and tried A LOT of stuff, so these recommendations come with lots of testing behind them.  Just sharing :)

E-Sword (not a new find, but thought it important to mention.  wonderful, free, Bible study software, a must have!)

FastStone Image Viewer (has some editing tools, but I like it for just viewing, organizing, and emailing my photos)

Lightbox Image Editor (mentioned in last post, great program, a must for improving digital photos)

Music Bee (music organizer and player, will rip cds but not burn them like windows media player does)

EsyPlanner (organizes my calendar and todos, mentioned in another post, takes a little working with it to get the hang of it, but a great program)

KMPlayer (media/video player, i just like this over the others, personal preference)

MemoriesOnWeb (slideshow maker, i have the program MemoriesOnTV Pro -- which is not free -- but for anyone wanting to dabble in slideshow creation, this will get you started, great program)

Jarte Word Processor (i like the uncluttered interface)

Glary Untilties (keeps your computer system running efficiently, has 1 click maintenance, nice feature)

Avast! Antivirus Protection

SuperAntiSpyware Protection

Online Finances & Budget Planning

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